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Little Lola Saves The Show

Little Lola Saves The Show

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Little Lola is a curious cat with a love of adventure. When she sees a young dancer drop one of her ballet slippers on the way to a recital, Lola decides that she wants to be part of the fun and stumbles literally into a ballet performance. She dances beautiful pirouettes, arabesques, and pas de chat  the step of the cat, her favorite  until disaster strikes and she must save the show!
Publishers Weekly called Lola s first adventure, Little Lola, An entertaining and promising debut for both Lola and her creators. The funny, mischievous, and irrepressibly curious cat Lola will appeal to fans of Olivia and Peppa Pig.

Pages: 32   Format: Hardcover    Ages:  4 to 8 years old   Authors: Julie Saab and David Gothard

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