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I can Learn to Pray

I can Learn to Pray

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Help your children develop a closer relationship with God through prayer.

The more we talk with God in prayer bringing Him thanks, praise, joys, hurts, confessions, and requests the stronger our faith becomes. We re not always sure how to pray but Jesus says that prayer is something to be learned. And what better time to learn how to pray than during childhood, when habits that will last a lifetime are formed?

This 52-week experience is a terrific guide for families to understand prayer. From Wow! and Thank you! prayers to I m sorry ! and Help! prayers, children will learn what it means to draw near to God and to be changed by Him. Holly Hawkins Shivers, a mother gifted at connecting with kids, makes every discussion engaging and relatable, and helps young believers grow leaps and bounds in their faith.   Give your children a gift that will stay with them forever the power of prayer."

Pages: 224   Format:  Hardcover   Ages : 4 to 8 years old Author: Holly Hawkins Shivers 

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