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God's Princesses Can Always Trust the King  (DVD)

God's Princesses Can Always Trust the King (DVD)

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Every single princess is a part of God’s plan!

In this live action and animated adventure, Gigi might seem like an ordinary girl, but she knows that inside of her lies the heart of a princess. And, like any royal ruler, she expects to get exactly what she wants—especially when it’s her birthday! So when Gigi discovers that her parents did not buy her the Princess Pinky Starr Castle, she couldn’t be more disappointed.

Gigi’s imagination whisks her away to a fairy-tale dreamland, where she gets to build a real castle just like the one she demanded. But ignoring the King’s plans for her palace leads to disaster. Who knew that a moat of chocolate milk would attract a swarm of angry bees? Or that a regal-sized bubble bath would be so hard to survive? In the end, Gigi’s loyal servant (and cat),

Format: DVD    Ages:4 to 7 years old  Contributor: Johnny Hunt and Sheila Walsh