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Finding Gobi for Little Ones

Finding Gobi for Little Ones

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Cross the finish line with Gobi, the little pup who never quit, and Dion, the ultramarathon runner who loves her. This amazing true story sparked international attention and will continue to inspire readers as they enjoy this fun board book perfect for even the littlest children.

Join these two unlikely friends as they form a winning team for both the race and life!

Gobi and Dion ran across the long, hot desert sand; Dion shared his limited food and water with her; he carried Gobi across a deep river; and finally, they crossed the finish line together. Not as first-place winners, but as the best of friends.

This compelling story teaches children an important message about love, kindness, and friendship.

Pages:24 Format: Board Book Ages: 4 to 8 Author: Leonard Dion

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