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Cures for Heartbreak

Cures for Heartbreak

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Margo Rabb s critically acclaimed debut novel Cures for Heartbreak a somber yet humorous depiction of love, loss, and new beginnings has been reissued with a stunning new look.
Less than two weeks after fifteen-year-old Mia Pearlmans mother is diagnosed with cancer, she dies, leaving Mia, her older sister, and their father to face this sudden and unfathomable loss. As Mia struggles to navigate her grief, she s also forced to examine the truth about her parents rocky marriage, her unexpected feelings for a guy with leukemia, and the nagging health phobias that plague her on a daily basis. Ultimately, her journey down this road slowly paves the way for hope amid immeasurable loss.
             Pages: 256   Format: Paperback    Ages: 14 and Up   Author: Margo  Rabb 

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