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Brain Power Cook Book from Readers Digest

Brain Power Cook Book from Readers Digest

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A mouthwatering guide to incorporating the most brain-friendly foods into your everyday life.

Days filled with energy, a bright mood, no memory lapses, a good night’s sleep that’s what the Brainpower Cookbook can help you achieve. It’s the go to book for brain healthy eating. Our expert nutritionists have created 175 great-tasting recipes that will help protect your brain and boost alertness, concentration, and energy.

With this book, you will:

Learn how the brain functions and discover what foods affect your brainpower and how you feel.

Enjoy easy to prepare snacks, soups, salads, main course, and even desserts.

Give your brain a boost with recipes for particular situations: from breakfast ideas for sustained energy to lunches to avoid that afternoon slump and quiz night snacks for fast brainwork.

Have fun with mind sharpening puzzles to help promote brain fitness.

Pages: 304  Format: Hardcover Genre: Cooking  Author: Editors from Readers Digest

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