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Ask Anna   Advice for the Furry and Forlorn

Ask Anna Advice for the Furry and Forlorn

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Dean Koontz is one of the world's biggest selling authors. Anna Koontz is Dean's remarkable dog who is poised to follow in her dad's footsteps with her first advice book for canines. She will soon become canine columnist to the world.

With her superior intellect, sharp wit, a warm and fuzzy heart, Anna Koontz debuts her talent as an advice columnist in her seminal work Ask Anna Advice  For The Furry and  Forlorn. Some of her best advice  take time daily for ball  chasing and belly rubs  the keys along with sausage  to true canine joy.

Learn more about the problems that plague Anna's clients and be inspired by how she counsels them. Also delight in Dean's just slightly skewed perspective on the importance of dogs throughout history. Without their advice, we humans would be in even worse trouble than we are today. They're heaven sent what is dog spelled backwards?

 Pages: 96   Format:  Mass Market Paperback   Genre: Autobiography  Author: Dean Koontz

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